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Meadowlands to stay open through March

Gural to the rescue?  Great news….keep up the momentum.  NYC has unlimited opportunities if this is done the right way.  Tioga is an excellent basic model as they market the racing and do things the right way.  Make it happen.

Meadowlands to stay open through March

Bionic Meeting
Bionic Man

"Bionic Man" Tim Tetrick and Jeneane Willyard (Lisa Photo)

Jeneane Willyard met leading driver Tim Tetrick, whom she helped name “The Bionic Man,” last night at the Meadowlands.

Close to 1,000 suggestions were received when Tetrick asked racing fans to choose his nickname on the racetrack. Willyard, of Watchung, NJ, was one of six entrants who submitted the winning moniker “The Bionic Man,” a nod to the artificial hip Tetrick received in December.

Willyard was chosen as the prizewinner by random drawing. In addition to meeting Tetrick, Willyard received dinner at Terraces Restaurant, a trophy presentation in the winner’s circle and an interview on the Meadowlands’ live television broadcast, which aired throughout North America.

“Tim Tetrick is, truly, an amazing driver in all respects,” said Willyard, who has been an avid harness racing fan since 2000. “His skill, perseverance and incredibly fast recovery make him a true ‘Bionic Man!'”

Harness racing’s leading driver, Tim Tetrick concluded the 2008 season with $19.7 million in purses won, breaking his own single season earnings record of $18.3 million established in 2007. Tetrick had his right hip replaced December 8, 2008 at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. The 27-year-old has suffered from a degenerative hip condition since childhood and will undergo the same surgery on his left hip next December.

Meadowlands track photographer Michael Lisa designed the Bionic Man print held by Willyard and Tetrick. It is the first in a series of leading driver posters that will be available for purchase through Lisa Photo. Fans interested in purchasing a print can call 201-460-4071 or e-mail

Vote for your favorite nickname for Tim Tetrick:

 Tim Tetrick shatters records for harness racing drivers

Tim Tetrick

January 22, 2009, 11:46 pm
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The Meadowlands provides this interesting piece, “in every professional sport, great athletes are recognized with nicknames that become part of their legends, and harness racing is no exception. 

Brian Sears is the White Knight, Andy Miller – Orange Crush, George Brennan – Minister of Speed … and the list goes on.   But there is one member of the world’s elite driving colony that has yet to receive one of his own – Tim Tetrick. 

Harness racing’s leading driver recently expressed his disappointment over his lack of a moniker when he co-hosted the Meadowlands’ live television broadcast last Friday.  And so he has asked the track’s announcers to put the challenge out to the fans to find his nickname.”