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Corey Callahan’s Corner – Mar 28, 2009

Corey Callahan

We are very fortunate to be able to start a new feature with one of the leading harness racing drivers, Corey Callahan.  He has quickly become one of the top drivers in the sport.  This really is an open forum for both Corey and our readers. 

Corey’s first post gives us a snapshot into his background.  We hope you enjoy this new perspective from the driver himself.  Please post questions or topics you’d like to hear more about.  Now, here is “Corey Callahan’s Corner”.     

Corey:  “Well, I really got started driving in a very round about way. Obviously, my parents have raced horses my whole life and I grew up on a horse farm, but this is not what I thought was in store for my life. Growing up, my parents would always harp to us saying that we were going to go to college and get a “real job”, something with a steady income, etc.

So, I heeded their advice and went on to the University of Kentucky and received a degree in Marketing. Absolutely loved college! Lexington is a great place and I met some wonderful people. Plus, I played hockey there as well which enabled me to visit a lot of other towns and schools in the midwest. After college I took a job in the world of recruiting. I put on the suit and tie everyday for about 4 years and then one day I had just decided that I’d had enough. I looked at myself and was like…’re 25 years old, when Monday rolls around every week you dread getting up to go to work! So I decided I wasn’t going to be “that” person. Called my dad and asked him if he could give me some work to keep me afloat until I figured out what I wanted to do with my life.

After spending more time with the horses, I realized that I liked them a whole lot more than I ever thought I did. After a couple months of putting on my dads colors and warming up, I decided that I would like to get my qualifying license and see how that went. Well that was in the Spring of 2005. Did pretty good in the qualies and thought hey maybe I can try this. Officially got my license in October of 2005. Ended up with 16 starts and finally won one when my cousin Frank Milby let me drive a mare of his that was winning every week. What a thrill that was.

From that point on luck has definitely been on my side and the wins have just kept coming. Getting close to 1,000 now and should have it sometime soon I hope. This all happened so fast and I just feel very blessed to be able to wake up everyday and love my job and be able to make a good living for myself!!”

Our next “Corey Callahan’s Corner” will feature a typical day in the life of a driver….


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keep your head on your shoulders and never forget where you came from,that will always keep you grounded,you have a great career ahead,god bless,kevin old roosevelt raceway fan since 1964 you would have loved to drive against carmine a, del i,lucien f,benny w jimmy t and all the rest you would have given them a run for the money.

Comment by kevin j lynch

way to go corey another 3 bagger at the big m ,congrats,on #3,000 kevin lynch lancaster pa

Comment by kevin j lynch

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